We help educators and students learn and apply powerful problem–solving tools which not only increase individual effectiveness, but when used with others, can unleash the collective power of many minds.

A school or district's most important—yet often under-utilized—resource lies within the minds of its people.

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We are very grateful to the people and organizations who have supported our work through their monetary and/or in-kind donations. Without their commitment and value for our mission, we would never have been able to expand our work.

Our sincere thanks to those major contributors who have supported us so generously over the years:
Bruce Mainwaring
Beverly & the late Gordon Hattersley
Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation
Betty & Whitney MacMillan
Al & Lila Self
Jeannette & the late Benjamin B. Tregoe

To our friends who have contributed in memory of:

In memory of Benjamin B. Tregoe
     Vincent & Elaine Bell
     Samuel, Pam and AJ Bernstine
     John & Margo Billmeyer
     Suzanne Bowman
     Jean & Joe Flor
     KT Thailand
     Jacques & Michele Sibeud
     Robert & Nancy Woodburn
In memory of George C. Elliott
     Lila Elliott

To our friends who have given us in-kind support:
Kepner-Tregoe, Inc.
WT Media, LLC

And to our other friends of the Forum whose support is greatly appreciated:
Ray Baxter
Kathryn Blackburn
Jack Bradt
James Coles
Corning, Inc.
Michael & Peg Curran-Hays
Driscoll Family Foundation
Marie Getsug
Brad & Karen Golden
Elizabeth Tregoe Gonzalez
Carol & Jim Gregorovic
Honda of American Manufacturing (in support of Marysville Middle School)
Rosanna & Charles Jaffin
Reid Jenner
Bruce Keener
John Koss
Daniel Kowalski
Sylvia Liu
Andrew Marshall & Jo Johnson
John Middlebrook
Cynthia & Dion Richetti
Diane Sandahl
Brian & Jennifer Schramke
Patricia and Donald Schwarber
Eugene Shahan
Michael Smith
The J.M. Smucker Company
Paul Stubbs
Diane Thelen
Robert Thompson
United Way of Palm Beach (in support of Kobacker Fund)
John W. Zimmerman, Sr.