"When people work together to solve tough problems, the legacy is lasting– superior solutions, increased commitment, and more effective and courageous leaders."

– David Verdugo, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Paramount Unified School District
Paramount, CA

Education Leaders

Advanced Workshops

Advanced Strategies Facilitation (ASF) Workshop

This workshop develops facilitators skilled in leading resolution of critical issues that are especially high-profile, complex or contentious. Emphasis is on building competence and confidence in facilitating groups, leading resolutions, and preparing for implementation.


Target Audience: Key personnel who will be expected to facilitate and help others resolve school or district issues using TregoED problem solving strategies

Length: 3-4 days

Prerequisite: Collaborative Decision-Making for School Leaders (CDSL) Workshop

Participants will learn how to:

  • Facilitate resolution of difficult issues using problem solving strategies
  • Handle conflict and other difficulties when facilitating groups
  • Coach others in use of strategies
  • Enhance school or district results using problem solving strategies
  • Develop project implementation plan


Districts wishing to conduct their own introductory workshops may develop their own instructors, licensed by TregoED. Emphasis is on building familiarity with: the workshop design, instructor support materials, and the required teaching segments. Selected individuals attend our Leadership Development Institute and conduct an initial session before being licensed.


Target Audience: School or district personnel who will be expected to teach in-district Collaborative Decision-making for School Leaders workshops

Length: 2-1/2 to 4 days

Prerequisite: Advanced Strategies Facilitation (ASF) Workshop

Participants will prepare to conduct in-district Collaborative Decision-Making for School Leaders (CDSL) workshops by:

  • Understanding CDSL workshop design and options
  • Examining presentation and coaching strategies
  • Exploring instructor outline and materials
  • Practice teaching of outline segments
  • Preparing for first and subsequent workshops
  • Conducting workshops within the parameters of the license