“Using TregoED methodologies has helped us create a culture which strives to do the right things well. We have increased transparency, accountability, and collaboration. The capacity we have helped build means tough issues are being tackled in new and productive ways.”

– Nora Gledich, Director of Leadership Development (Retired)
Orange County Public Schools
Orlando, FL

Education Leaders

Coaching and Support

The coaching and support we provide is a hallmark of our approach. We are committed to helping districts achieve their decision-making potential. True mastery does not occur from a single event or workshop. Proficiency is developed over time – with concerted and sustained effort. Our coaching & support helps build leaders’ competence and confidence in applying TregoEd strategies to complex or critical issues. We provide support in a number of different ways:

One-on-one or small group coaching via telephone, video conference, email, or in person

Social media networks, customized webinars and dedicated online discussion areas for your group

TregoED communications introducing various topics of interest, models of success, relevant applications