“Using TregoED methodologies has helped us create a culture which strives to do the right things well. We have increased transparency, accountability, and collaboration. The capacity we have helped build means tough issues are being tackled in new and productive ways.”

– Nora Gledich, Director of Leadership Development (Retired)
Orange County Public Schools
Orlando, FL

Education Leaders


Our highly-regarded introductory and advanced workshops feature proven strategies that help school and district leaders:

  • Work and communicate more effectively with others
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Utilize data to solve issues
  • Present sound and compelling recommendations
  • Garner broad-based support for implementing changes
  • Improve student achievement through better decision-making
  • Build high-performing teams

In addition, our workshops feature:

  • Highly-trained and experienced facilitators
  • Targeted coaching and support
  • Emphasis on practice and applying strategies to actual job-related issues
  • Useful instructional materials to support learning and application