We help educators and students learn and apply powerful problem–solving tools which not only increase individual effectiveness, but when used with others, can unleash the collective power of many minds.

A school or district's most important—yet often under-utilized—resource lies within the minds of its people.

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Colorado District 11 recognized for "strategic leadership in education"

Newton-Conover School District recognized for sound decision making

Sewanhaka awarded TregoED's inaugural leadership award

TregoED announces Benjamin B. Tregoe Awards for Strategic Leadership in Education Award Winners:

• Colorado Springs School District 11 (CO)
• Newton Conover City Schools (NC)
• Sewanhaka Central High School District (NY)

The award recognizes school districts, individuals or teams that have achieved significant and enduring results using TregoED tools for collaborative problem-solving and decision-making. Winning entries have been able to demonstrate successful resolution of a critical issue or problem and operational or systemic changes that have had lasting value. Read more

Case Study demonstrates KT Strategies break down Workplace Silos
Decision making is often rife with issues resulting from lack of coordination and communication between departments working as independent silos. A recent case study by the Colorado Springs School District 11 Grants office demonstrates how one school district addressed interdepartmental conflict and the resulting ineffective management. The district used an approach developed by Kepner -Tregoe, an international leader in building the problem-solving and decision-making capacity of organizations to achieve true collaboration.

Edweek "Leader to Learn From" credits TregoED for Decision-Making Success
Nicholas Gledich was recently recognized as a Leader to Learn From by Education Week (EdWeek) for his planning and implementation of emergency measures during the Waldo Canyon fires. He ascribes his organization’s excellent decision-making capabilities to TregoED’s strategic processes which provide a formalized systematic approach to decision-making and problem-solving.

Government Shutdown Spurs TregoED to Give Back
TregoED, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching education leaders to make and implement excellent decisions, has decided to extend those skills to our future leaders by offering the SCAN tool free for classroom use.

Excellent Decision-Making goes beyond Process-TregoED White Paper published
Change and progress in an educational organization require excellent decision-making at all levels. TregoED’s white paper reveals the essential tenets and competencies required to develop a culture of decision-making excellence.

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