“TregoED strategies helped our staff work together more effectively to address tough issues and become more self-sufficient. But perhaps most profoundly, TregoED strategies and principles helped create a culture of excellence—one where trust, transparency and collaboration produced exciting, positive results.”

– Dr. Nicholas Gledich, Superintendent
Colorado Springs D11
Colorado Springs, CO


Creating and Sustaining Decision-Making Excellence

Does your district...

  • See people at all levels and positions as capable decision makers?
  • Eagerly seek stakeholder involvement...even when conflict is likely?
  • Use data to assess results, measure outcomes and drive decision-making?
  • Have well-run, purposeful, and productive meetings?
  • Plan proactively for meaningful change?
  • Have a positive climate characterized by collaboration, trust, and transparency?
If you could not answer yes to all of these questions, you may be missing some key components for building organizational capacity.

Want to learn more about the key competencies for organizational decision-making excellence?

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“Creating and Sustaining Decision-Making Excellence”

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