“[TregoED strategies] take the guesswork and much of the subjectivity out of the decision-making process.”

– Marti Klie, Director of Community Relations, SE Polk School District (IA)

Our Thinking Strategies

Description of Strategies

TregoED teaches four distinct critical thinking strategies, each of which is used for handling different types of situations. Each strategy incorporates proven best practices and utilizes easy-to-follow steps.


Situation Appraisal

How can I best understand and address a complicated issue?

Used for:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Airing stakeholder concerns
  • Preparing for a new initiative
  • Examining a multifaceted issue (i.e., school violence)

Decision Analysis

How can I ensure decisions meet required and desired goals?

Used for:

  • Making high-visibility, difficult choices (i.e., budget cuts)
  • Organizational decisions (i.e., hiring/firing)
  • Helping groups make recommendations (i.e., textbook selection)

Problem Analysis

How do I identify the underlying causes of a problem so it can be solved?

Used for:

  • Gathering and analyzing data for more effective problem-solving (i.e., analyzing test results)
  • Identifying true causes for persistent problems (i.e., variations in student achievement)
  • Using facts to diffuse emotion on controversial issues (i.e., safety issues)

Potential Problem Analysis

How do I prepare for problems/opportunities that could impact our success?

Used for:

  • Implementing new programs, changes and initiatives (i.e., new district policies/mandates)
  • Preparing for a significant event (i.e., accreditation review)