“SCAN provides students the ability to vocalize their opinions on current and historical issues. A lot of the lessons offered are topics we cover! It is relevant, fun, and a great way to open up lines of communication for students who may not be as apt to raise their hand in class discussions!”

– Elizabeth Powroznik, Middle school – SS, St. John of Arc, Indianapolis


Today’s students must be prepared to evaluate information from multiple sources, consider different perspectives, make sound and informed decisions, and collaborate and communicate effectively.

TregoED is helping our nation’s educators create the next generation of confident and informed problem-solvers. SCAN is an online, interactive tool that helps:

  • Build critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Inspire students to gain deeper understanding of significant, timely issues
  • Engage students in classroom discussions and collaborative problem-solving
  • Improve persuasive writing skills
  • Organize student thinking
  • Deepen mastery of core curriculum

Here’s what one middle school class had to say about SCAN!