“SCAN allows students to place themselves in the role of others. It helps them to be more open minded about issues others may face. SCAN requires them to think before they speak.”

– Janice McCarthy – Career-based Intervention teacher – North Canton (OH) Schools


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About SCAN

What is SCAN?

SCAN is a web-based tool that empowers students with critical thinking skills to help them make well-developed arguments and solve complex problems.

Students examine issues from different points of view using authentic scenarios and role-playing. Built-in steps and prompts focus thinking and discussion while building student understanding.

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  • Supports integration of critical thinking into curricula
  • Easily implementable across core academic subject areas
  • Addresses many state standards related to problem-solving and decision-making
  • Complements state test preparation

Who is it for?

Reading informational texts and developing good arguments are two important skills that students need to develop to reach the common core standards. SCAN is an online discussion tool that gives students a framework to build those skills. The collaborative nature of this problem solving tool gets all students engaged in the conversation in a private classroom community. SCAN lessons address standards in language arts, history, social studies, science, technology and health. With the ability to write your own lessons, SCAN can address current issues in all areas.

What features do teachers like?

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  • Easy lesson set-up and 24/7 access
  • Over 100+ authentic, ready-to-use scenarios
  • Creating and using their own lessons!
  • Customizing lessons by adding links, instructions, and follow-up questions
  • Safe and private online-space
  • Tracking student participation and learning
  • Easy to learn and use—for teachers and students!
  • My Dashboard helps organize and manage your SCAN lessons—also features handy tips and tools

What is the SCAN process?

“SCAN is a thinking process which helps students examine complex situations. It consists of four, easy-to-follow steps:

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