“With each SCAN lesson, students of all grade-levels become masters in the skills of collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking and communication."

– Lorelei Drew Russo
6th Grade Middle School Teacher
Mount Olive, New Jersey


SCAN In-Service Workshop

TregoED offers a variety of one-hour, three-hour or six-hour workshops that can help your teachers reach Common Core Standards and integrate technology seamlessly into their content area classroom. We can help you increase student critical thinking skills through our comprehensive introduction to using the SCAN critical thinking strategy and simple free SCAN online tool, tailored to your specific subject area and Common Core or State Standards. Please don’t hesitate to call our office for details and pricing!

Workshops include:

• SCAN: Critical Thinking for Reading and Writing across the Curriculum Learn more

Technology can be a great way to increase reading, writing and critical thinking in the classroom. See how students can take on the roles of characters in literature, practice historical thinking, take part in ethical debates in science or make action plans for problems that hit close to home to get them thinking and writing all with simple collaborative tools. Learn how to get your students to practice basic literacy skills in an engaging and thoughtful manner.

• Simple Tools for Complex Learning Learn more

Web tool, web tools, everywhere, but no time for planning the logistics! We will explore how you can upgrade your lessons for the 21st Century with some simple web 2.0 tools. Increase student engagement, reading and writing across the curriculum and the integration of 21st Century skills within your curriculum. Join us as we explore, engage, and experience 21st century communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

• Tech-Infused PBL’s Get you to the Core Learn more

Explore teacher-tested PBL activities that will provide a model for practical strategies for integrating technology, providing resources, increasing literacy and reaching the Common Core using problem based learning. Infusing Problem Based Learning with technology helps teachers achieve the principals of a successful classroom: learning from a felt need, high academic standards, focus on higher-order, open-ended problem solving, connected learning, collaboration, high social capital and differentiated instruction. PBLs also provide the basis for integrating Common Core Standards and 21st Century proficiencies.

• STEM: Science, Thinking, Engineering and Math Learn more

Science? Art? Math? Camp? While these subjects are not often thought of as one, there is no doubt that offering challenging learning opportunities can help better prepare our students for the workplace. In this session, participants will experience how science, technology, engineering, art, and math can be integrated in the classroom or as an afterschool program using challenge based learning activities. We will share highly engaging instructional activities that incorporate problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, research and global sharing into the middle school classroom or after school environment using a variety of simple technology tools.

• We also offer full day workshops. Do your teachers need more support and coaching right in their classroom? Learn more

Check out our New Partnership Offerings: On site Project Based Learning Workshops

TregoED and TechKnow Associates have teamed up to provide elementary (grades 4+), middle and high schools with high quality professional development to enable teachers to empower students with engaging, authentic inquiry based learning experiences which focus on developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. TKA will provide schools with professional development services including onsite mentoring, Project-Based Learning (PBL) curriculum and technology integration featuring TregoED’s free award-winning web-based SCAN tool. Learn more about their workshops that feature mentoring and modeling right in your own classroom! Learn more