The 2016 Benjamin B. Tregoe Awards for Strategic Leadership in Education
We would like to recognize outstanding leaders who have used TregoED strategies or consulting services to achieve exemplary results.
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Tough Tech Decisions
Check out our series of blogs based on interviews with Education Leaders on how they overcame the challenges associated with making big Tech Decisions.

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We help leaders make and implement great decisions!

TregoED prepares school and district leaders to confidently face their biggest challenges. Our workshops and services build district capacity for effective, collaborative decision-making.

We also help teachers bring critical thinking skills to the classroom.

Our free SCAN online tool develops students' skills in collaborative problem-solving and critical thinking.

  • Private online chat area for students
  • Library full of high interest, content-driven reading passages
  • Guiding critical thinking questions
  • Simple for teachers
  • Engaging for kids

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