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Plowing Through Tough Decisions by asking the Right Questions

Navigating winter storms takes on a whole new layer of complexity when it comes to school districts and decision making – ice, snow, floods, wind, and cold are all important considerations when it comes to making the call.  Using the pertinent questions from TregoED problem solving and decision-making frameworks can help you plow through these and other complex decisions with both speed and confidence.

These decisions often reflect what makes all education leadership decision-making difficult:

  • Urgency and deadlines
  • Elements (e.g. safety and risk assessment) that are top priority
  • A large variety of complex ramifications to consider
  • Multifaceted and sometimes unpredictable circumstances at play
  • Passionate and differing perspectives.

Whether your decisions be complex or relatively simple, emergency or routine, making good decisions requires the same basic ingredients:  criteria, priorities, risk evaluation and implementation plans.  Using a question-driven framework to help you gather and utilize those ingredients is the heart of strategic decision making.  Having those questions in mind, whether you are following the full framework or just need a quick overview, ensures that you will have considered all the relevant issues.

There’s more

But getting it right is not the only benefit to having strategic decision-making skills as a leader.  Increasing your leadership capacity in decision making can provide:

  • Skills for effective, enduring solutions in a wide range of situations
  • Increased confidence in the end result
  • Better handling of conflict and/or involvement of others
  • Greater commitment from participants
  • Greater trust and transparency
  • Increase time efficiency

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