Curriculum Review and Selection using TregoED Tools

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When the Unified School District of De Pere (WI) reviewed its K‐8 math resource as part of a regular review cycle, they used TregoED processes to gather stakeholder input and ensure a sound conclusion. They found the tools allowed them to objectively collect and organize information to avoid conflict and determine the best resources for their students.

De Pere Curriculum Review – Client Example

Success Story: Process Provides Results Beyond Math Achievement

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“Every school out there should have access to this…. We’re never going to eliminate the zip code
inequalities that exist in this country. But when you have TregoED tools, you can make up for some
of the inequities through quality problem solving and decision making that benefits students.
High‐quality thinking need not be zip code dependent.”
Dr. Joseph A. Guarino, Superintendent, New Brighton Area School District

The New Brighton Area School District set out to determine the root cause of lagging math achievement in their 6th grade.  The positive results of using process went far beyond math scores – impacting district climate and culture, their effectiveness of issue resolution, and increased collaboration and engagement.


Success Story: Managing Continual Change in the Age of COVID

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When you have capable, committed people—and you know they havewhat they need to succeed—you can trust them to get the job done—and to do it right.” Christopher Lowder, Ed.D., Superintendent, Cabarrus County Schools

Decisions like “how best to close or reopen schools during a global pandemic” are ones you hope you only face once in a career—although you know there will be other “firsts.” Certainly, these issues are fraught with complications, unknowns, and tremendous conflict—and there is no existing playbook. But how well we handle these crises often correlates to the groundwork that’s been laid ahead of time. No matter what lies ahead, Cabarrus has a recipe for success in tackling the toughest issues!

District Tackles Tough Salary Issues Using Clear Processes

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Faced with a complex budget challenge involving the allocation of budgeted funds to support staff, Winchester Public Schools recognized the need for a clear process.  Using Situation Appraisal and Decision Analysis, District leaders were able to collect data, identify criteria and work to clarify what needs had to be met.  The positive results solidified the district’s commitment to using TregoED processes on issues both formally and informally.

Creating a Culture of Collaborative Decision Making

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After leaders at Johnston County Public Schools (NC) developed a new strategic plan, JOCO 2020, they worked hard to ensure that their new plan would be implemented with fidelity and commitment from each stakeholder.  Change can bring anxiety as well as exciting opportunities to a district.  Before implementation, several big decisions needed to be made. One such decision was the need to reassess insurance benefits. Previously, emotion‐laden, big‐money decisions of this nature had not utilized a formal, transparent, and systematic evaluation process. Consequently, there was a lack of confidence and trust in decisions that had been made. Read how they used process in this decision and more to take the plan from the aspirational to the operational.


Involving Diverse Stakeholders in Complex Decision-Making

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York County School Division (VA)  faced several key issues affecting multiple stakeholders, including: revising a primary grading scale, addressing school website needs, assessing high school mid‐term exam expectations, and expanding special education classrooms and staffing. Each issue required collaboration from several diverse departments. YCSD needed a shared, systematic, and proven way to successfully tackle these complex issues and ensure critical objectives and priorities were fully considered. Division leaders hoped that a common approach could improve communications, use of time, and progress monitoring. In addition, they needed to capture the best thinking of the community and secure the involvement and commitment of multiple departments and stakeholders.  Read More.

Cultivating a Community of Trust...and Good Thinking

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Read our most recent case study which describes how 2018 Michigan Superintendent of the Year, Jeanice Kerr Swift, challenged her staff to develop a collaborative and systematic approach to get the best thinking of those in her community.  The outcome? Dr. Swift states that “we are refreshing and renewing the learning environment across our 32 schools to enhance the learning experience for every student, yet we are also transforming our organizational capacity to listen and engage meaningfully with students, staff, parents, and community to build trust and work toward shared decisions that lead to durable and sustainable progress in our Ann Arbor community.”  Read more…

Intermediate Unit Offering Benefits PA School Districts

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In order to provide leaders with the opportunity to gain problem-solving and decision-making processes, Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County Intermediate Unit (MCIU) hosted a TregoED introductory workshop. MCIU provides support to meet the educational and social service needs of the County’s 200+ schools, including 25 public school districts, 150+ nonpublic schools, 4 career-technical schools and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Over 40 education leaders from 25 districts/organizations participated. After each of the three one-day sessions, participants applied the processes to issues in their own districts.

Read More MCIU Success Story (1)

Tackling Student Achievement: Aligning Cause, Solutions, & Support

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After multiple years of using several standard root cause analysis tools (5 Whys and Fishbone), District 11 decided
they were not getting deep enough in their analysis to address the true root cause for lack of student achievement growth. School improvement efforts abounded yet few had sustainable embedded changes that resulted in higher student performance. They resolved to try a different, more systematic approach to dig deep enough to determine true cause to guide school improvement efforts and use resources more effectively.

Collaborative Processes Help Cut through Complexity to Bring About Successful Change with Clarity and Confidence

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Each of these school systems, with their wide range of programs, multiple campuses, complex legal requirements, multitude of sending districts and diverse student needs and abilities, required leadership at all levels that could quickly understand the issues and work with a wide variety of staff and community members to coordinate, collaborate, and problem solve. In addition, they wanted leaders prepared to create opportunities to move the district forward in its goals to provide innovative programs ensuring students have the skills needed to be college- and career-ready in the 21st Century.

Critical thinking Processes Help District Develop Complex Technology Initiative Plan for Digital Transformation

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The Sewanhaka Central High School District was faced with the enviable challenge of using a one-time infusion of state funds to accelerate their district digital transformation in a manner that is equitable and sustainable across their five (7-12) high schools. Among the goals of their technology plan was to make students more competitive and college ready, have the support of the community and to ensure that the plan would be sustainable after funds were depleted. Along with meeting those requirements,the challenge necessitated developing a comprehensive
transformation plan including a shared vision for teaching and learning, selecting and purchasing devices, ensuring a supporting infrastructure, preparing for a smooth roll out, writing new policies to support the changes, building a professional development plan, and forming plans for assessment

Problem Solving Processes Help Large District Improve Communication, Transparency and Trust

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In a district this size, it is very difficult to maintain clear communication, transparency, trust
and good outcomes without a common language and system-wide process for decision
making and problem solving. The district was experiencing disagreement, lack of buy-in,
unrest, and objectives moving in different directions particularly around the budget
process. Leaders were looking for a set of common tools that everyone could understand
and employ to help move the district forward.

High Stakes Position Filled

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Newton-Conover City Schools in North Carolina faced the daunting task of hiring a replacement for a beloved administrator. Given the visibility of this position and the affection that the community had for the outgoing principal, district leadership knew it was very important to include stakeholders in the process. Leaders used TregoED’s Decision Analysis to provide a structured, visible, collaborative, interview process which increased buy-in, trust and confidence.

Budget Challenges

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Leaders from the Sewanhaka Central High School District in Long Island, NY faced complex budget challenges made worse by aging buildings and new property tax caps. Using multiple TregoED tools, they were able to use innovative thinking and new solutions, while building trust and transparency, to find cost savings and pass a bond referendum.

Root Cause and Student Achievement

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District D11 in Colorado Springs, CO, worked hard at addressing student achievement goals, but wanted to find ways to “work smarter.” District leaders saw the opportunity to directly correlate school improvement efforts with student achievement by determining the root cause of student achievement problems in their individual schools. The resulting causes were vetted and helped staff members develop more focused school improvement plans and helped to better support their efforts.

Reshaping Community Engagement

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The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District faced severe budget cuts and a series of difficult decisions surrounding school closures, program consolidation, facility use and attendance rezoning. TregoED’s critical thinking strategies helped reshape community engagement to facilitate tough decision making in the district.