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At the heart of all we do, is a fundamental belief that people can accomplish amazing things when given the skills, opportunity and support.

It was once considered a radical notion: good thinking is a learned skill anyone can master - not an innate ability reserved for the lucky few. Sixty years later, it’s become standard practice for tens of millions of employees and managers. Ben Tregoe and Chuck Kepner started a thinking revolution based on these same beliefs. Kepner-Tregoe processes have improved thinking and operational effectiveness for organizations and governments around the world. TregoED brings these same approaches to schools and school districts.

Our History & Mission

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“The computer on our shoulders is the most important computer we will ever have.”

Benjamin B. Tregoe, Ph.D
Founder 1927 - 2005

Technology assists us in increasingly significant ways. But it has yet to replace the need for excellence in human thought and action. Our founder, Ben Tregoe, used to say, “The computer on our shoulders is the most important computer we will ever have.” Why then, don’t we invest more in this computer – the one we are born with? We leave our most precious natural resource under-utilized and undeveloped.

Since 1993, TregoED has helped education leaders achieve strategic, operational, and classroom goals. Leaders use our proven processes to solve tough problems and make critical decisions. And because success requires effective collaboration, these systematic approaches help stakeholders work together in achieving high-quality outcomes.

Sure, there are consultants and experts who will show up and tell you what to do. But once they leave, what have they left behind? We are committed to the lasting, permanent change that is possible when you build capacity or “teach a man to fish.”

Common sense need not be uncommon. People can consistently make effective judgments given the right skills and support. Our workshops and consulting build the capacity of your most precious resource – your people. We help people use data more adeptly, collaborate more successfully, and develop lasting and effective solutions to critical problems. Building the problem-solving and decision-making capacity of your leaders is renewable energy at its finest. Call us to find out what is possible!