Situation Appraisal

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Address complex situations


How do I begin to understand and address this complex issue?

The Process

Situation Appraisal allows stakeholders of complex situations to develop the necessary clarity and understanding to move forward.

Used For

  • Conflict resolution
  • Airing stakeholder concerns
  • Preparing for a new initiative
  • Examining a multi-faceted, complicated issue

About Situation Appraisal

Sometimes with complicated issues, it’s hard to know where to begin—especially when opinions differ. Situation Appraisal provides a framework to include diverse stakeholders and build a shared understanding. With increased specificity and insight comes clarity about how best to move forward.

Key Steps

1. See the Issues

Using our questioning techniques, leaders are able to identify key issues and consider all perspectives.

2. Clarify the Issues

Allowing stakeholders to clarify issues is key to a deeper understanding.

3. Assess Priorities

Prioritizing issues is more that just hitting deadlines. Our process helps you get things done right.

4. Name Next Steps

Developing a plan with what, who and by when ensures that the work gets done.