Productively Dealing with Hot Topic Issues

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TregoED has almost three decades of experience helping districts navigate some of their toughest and most divisive issues e.g.: school closures, bond referendums, cultural responsiveness, school safety, curriculum concerns, etc.  How they are handled may mean the difference between moving forward productively or remaining mired in persistent conflict.  TregoED analytic process provides the framework to make reasoned, defensible decisions using stakeholder input and data.

Productively Dealing with Divisive Issues

Addressing Turnover and Retention in your District

Turnover is disruptive, expensive, and affects student achievement. While a certain amount of turnover is to be expected, the pandemic and social climate has accelerated turnover.  What if you could retain people each year by making it more attractive for people to stay? What if you could drastically reduce voluntary attrition? Smart leaders are looking beyond immediate hiring needs and focusing also on retention. TregoED can help districts address root causes of turnover and develop practical solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Staff Retention:  Decreasing Turnover, Increasing Retention

Meeting SPED Challenges with Confidence

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Check out our Strategic Guide for Excellent Problem Solving in Special Education to see how building the capacity of SPED leadership can help you meet the challenges of providing the specialized and individualized instruction required by our special education students.

Learn more about TregoED's Services

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Need more information?  Our new brochure provides the information that you need to determine if we fit your needs.  Download the TregoED Corporate Brochure.


Strategic Tools for Excellent Problem Solving 1: Build Skills

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Our flagship workshop, Strategic Tools for Excellent Problem Solving 1: Build Skills (S.T.E.P.S.), helps education leaders build essential skills in collaborative problem solving and decision making. Participants learn practical, systematic methodologies to effectively resolve a school or district’s toughest issues.

Consulting for Special Education

Special Education leaders often face challenging situations in helping meet the complex needs of our most vulnerable populations.  When timely resolution- or impartial, expert facilitation – is needed, TregoED consulting services can help you develop lasting solutions for your most vexing issues including:  leadership transitions, facilitation of legal and other high-stakes issues, departmental planning and effectiveness, and implementing change with cross-collaborative support.

Find Root Cause to resolve complex student achievement issues

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Using our systematic Problem Analysis tool can help you understand and address student achievement issues, resolve discipline problems, and diffuse emotions on controversial issues involving special education, safety, school violence, etc. using your school data.

Special Education

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Successfully navigating the demands of today’s special education environment requires educators to have diverse skill sets for the job. Procedural knowledge alone is not sufficient. Individuals who provide, lead, or manage the provision of special education services require a high level of collaborative problem-solving skills. TregoED process provide a framework that can help leaders navigate high-conflict and emotionally-laden issues with transparency and confidence.


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Approach the toughest problems with confidence! TregoED consultants provide impartial facilitation while helping you resolve issues with effective, enduring solutions.

  • Plan for Improvement
  • Resolve high-impact decisions, disparities or situations
  • Receive Individual or Team Coaching

How will you achieve your ESSA goals?

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State ESSA plans demand an even greater focus on improving schools and ensuring the success of all learners. How will you: Engage stakeholders and secure commitment? Achieve equity and excellence for all students? Implement accountability measures? Identify and address root causes for struggling students and schools!  We can help!