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A New Year – to Think Critically

So, it is that time.  The dawn of a new year.  We are going to make our resolutions (or, as the latest AT&T commercial says – “revolutions”) for the New Year.  So what does that really mean?  Oh – we are going to lose weight (survey says the #1 resolution each year).  Or – exercise regularly (survey says the #2 resolution).   And, on and on for each resolution we have heard before.  But, have we ever heard of a resolution shared by many, or any, that talks about learning agility?  What? you say.  What in the world is that?  Yea – kind of mind blowing stuff.  New age.  Being learning agile.  Back in the day, wasn’t learning agile that you just took some classes?  Well, that might have been the perception ‘back in the day’, but today, learning agile means not only learn, but use, practice, and live the knowledge you gain to make it useful.

At TregoED, we teach critical thinking processes.  When we talk about critical thinking we are really looking at the right question(s), at the right time, to gather, organize and analyze information to get to some resolve – some ‘resolution’.  A problem solved, a decision made, a plan or project implemented successfully or just figuring out all the things that need to be identified and worked on.  It isn’t all that complicated!  And, yet, for many, it is complicated and difficult.  Without a process, a focal point, a guide, it is very difficult to find our way.  We can be totally learning agile, but to what end?  Having the thirst for knowledge and the desire to take that knowledge and apply it should be the burning desire in us all.  Unfortunately, it is not.  But, for those that do have that thirst, that desire, critical thinking is the springboard to learning agility.  It will allow the faintest of heart to ask the right questions, the inquisitive minds to challenge the answers and the creative brainstormers to funnel their intuitive sense in the right direction.

Learning agility can be the “think critically” resolution you make this year!  Challenge yourself to go beyond where you are.  Think critically.  Identify the right questions you need to move to the real ‘resolutions’ that will be meaningful, long lasting and give you results you might not have thought possible.  Make learning agility a part of you.  Continuous learning is continuous improvement.  Remember the power in resolutions is recommitting every day!

Happy New Year – Make it your resolution to become an agile thinker!

Now, how many miles on the treadmill do I need to lose 2 pounds a week????