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And you’re a great leader because ?????


So often, we get confused as to what is important in leadership. You can listen to the ‘gurus’, read the latest book on the “5 Steps to Becoming a Great Leader”, listen to a motivational tape, etc. etc.  But, perhaps the best way to understand the way to leadership is simply by taking a step back and asking, “What are the traits of a great leader?” 

Following are some of the traits of great leaders, as described by executive coach, Debra Benton:

1.  Attitude – Good leaders stay positive and do not waiver.

2.  Tenacity – Challenging issues are rarely resolved with just one step.

3.  Risk Tolerance – Mistakes help you, and others, learn.

4.  Honesty – Carelessness with facts kills your credibility.

5.  Prudence – Thinking before you speak, and asking the right questions, helps build your purpose and improve results..

6.  Originality – People like to sense that with you as the leader,  they are breaking new ground.

7.  Modesty – It’s better to have other people recognize your ability than to point it out yourself.

8.  Willingness to admit mistakes – If you are error-free, you are probably effort-free.

9.  Downward loyalty – Leaders protect their people.

10.  Inquisitiveness – Curiosity, questioning,  and openness will drive better results.

11.  Fearlessness – Name your biggest fear and tame it.

12. Generosity – Quick to recognize the contribution, talents and skills  of others.


As you  reflect about your leadership traits , understand which traits you already possess and those traits you have yet to perfect .  Continue to embrace and maximize those traits that have led you this far and choose just one other trait to focus on developing.  Build from there and you will grow and be well on your way to becoming a great leader!