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Building a Strong Foundation for Budget Decisions and Communications

Making good budget decisions is essential – and so is being able to build understanding and communication around those decision. Using a solid process can lay the groundwork for both.  Not only will it result in better decisions, but it also will give you a framework for clear communication.  To turn a well-known phrase – if you build it they will come – if you communicate it right – they will understand.

Good communication is good communication

Out of necessity during the pandemic, leaders have built new infrastructures to support good communication – Web pages, blogs, social media, and digital meeting rooms.  The same best practices that emerged from COVID-related communication are now being used for public meetings and other communication forums related to school budgets.  Regardless of platform however, building understanding and support for a budget is made easier with a foundation of solid decision making with clear objectives, stakeholder perspectives and disciplined choices.

3 key elements to build upon

Making budget decisions is not enough. School leaders need to be able to let the public see and understand how complicated budget decisions can be.  A transparent and visible process, like decision analysis, helps do this.  It helps leaders make a compelling presentation to the public and deepen understanding of these 3 key elements of the decision:

As an essential part of the work of both the decision making and communication, your team should be provided with the necessary skills to approach them both with confidence. In this short video, Conor Neil, from the IESE Business School, explains why it is crucial that those around you have the ability to make good decisions and communicate or “influence” others to ensure successful implementation.  Giving those around you the tools for independent, clear and consistent decision making also gives you a team that can work confidently and independently.

While remote communication infrastructure continues to evolve, it is even more important that the message that you share is consistent, clear, and transparent.  Using a decision-making framework allows you to build budget communications around the 3 key elements demonstrating both the process and the reasoning behind your recommendations