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Can you ever be too prepared?

Isn’t it interesting when you experience success, it almost always comes from preparation?  When we ‘wing it’ it can be devastating!  But, often preparation requires focus and time. And preparation affects us in so many ways.  Think about the preparation required for a great meal, or the preparation you did when you learned how to drive or became an educator.  You probably studied, had some materials (or ingredients) and had some kind of instruction.   But back to focus and time -in such an action-oriented world, focus and time can be difficult to come by. 

My son is in colIege and his most difficult subject is French.  He has to give a 4 minute talk today all in French.  He must have practiced for 8 hours!  Over and over again.  Can you ever be too prepared?  I worked with an individual who never prepared.  Of course, he had a photographic memory, so he could string together thoughts that seemed to make perfect sense.   However, I also worked with someone who ‘over prepared’.  It was never good enough.  From these two individuals, I learned two very valuable lessons:

1  Preparation gives you confidence.  Even though I have been a consultant for years, I still ‘prepare’ before each and every session. 

2. Trust your instincts.  When you put in the preparation time, know when you have done enough to move forward.  Chances are just by having a focus and dedicated time, you will determine how much preparation is necessary and you will set yourself up for success.   But, beware!  Trust your instincts to guide you to know when enough is enough! 

                                                                    c’est assez!