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Golden Nugget Series: How to find more opportunities to facilitate

Good process facilitators understand that using process can get us better results, but often there are organizational or cultural barriers that can get in the way.  An unfocused approach can lead to premature conclusions, revisiting the same issue again and again, dead end paths and wasted time.

Experience has taught us a lot of great ways to overcome these barriers- which we will share as a series: “TregoED’s Golden Nuggets of Process Wisdom,” in both video and blog format.

Our first Golden Nugget will address:

Barrier # 1:  Lack of opportunities

When leaders say they do not get enough opportunities to use process, they may need practice identifying situations where process can be used or they need to be reminded or made aware of the benefits of process use.

Here are some things you can do to cultivate opportunities and increase staff awareness of how, when, and why using a process is a good idea:

  1. Practice identifying which process might be the most helpful to apply to issues you face– and then apply at least 1-2 steps.
  2. When process is used, share results and benefits from work that you or others have done. Use process forms from your own work to demonstrate how decisions were made, how plans were developed, status of work being done, etc.
  3. Use TregoED website and materials as reference to provide ideas and refresh your thinking.
  4. Be persistent! Continue to use process, share results and make yourself available when opportunities arise!