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Leadership’s Elegant Simplicity

The single strand of classic pearls…
The  navy blazer paired with khaki trousers …
The sound of “Casablanca’s” theme song, “As Time Goes By”, as a couple shares a wedding’s first dance…

Some things are just…perfect….no matter how many times we see them, wear them or hear them.
 But why?
 What is there about the classics that make them what they are?

In a world filled with “trending” topics, ephemeral entertainment stars, and “cuisine du jour”‘, what lessons can be learned for school leaders by stepping away from the madness that is our 24/7 society and  reflecting on the parts of our society that have proved their long term worth by virtue of their simple presence from generation to generation?

I suggest that all of the “classics”…whether in fashion, music or leadership….have a timeless elegance to them…a simplicity of both composition and use that belie the far reaching ramifications attached to their presence.  When we are presented with a classic, we cannot help but make some judgements about the person connected to the item …and those judgements are, I submit, almost always positive!
We see pearls …and think (subconsciously, perhaps) of Jacqueline Kennedy or Grace Kelly. We hear Sinatra and think of the sophistication of a time past.

Leadership that is classic is always receptive to the needs of participants…it is never autocratic and dictatorial .
Leadership that is classic strives for transparency in decision making and visibility in thought processes.
Leadership that is classic generates concrete change with identifiable areas of responsibility within clearly delineated time frames . 

Classic leadership relies on much more than a quirky cult of personality to drive a district’s agenda forward. Effective leadership has a penultimate goal of insuring that a district’s “to-do list” will continue to be  enacted even if the current leader is (God forbid!) hit by a bus! 

At TregoED, we recognize that classic and effective leadership skills can be taught,honed, and incorporated into the culture of any school or district willing to invest itself in learning how to harness the power of process into problem solving and decision making.  We invite you to visit us at and explore how our proven strategies can help you layer a classic elegance onto YOUR leadership style!