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Moving Your Plan to the Next Level

Looking to implement the common core?  Is your district going to a BYOT plan?  Facing Severe Budget Cuts?  Plans for implementing solutions to these common issues in school districts can be very complex as you move from the district level to the building level where the implementation will take place.  How do you pass the baton from the district office to implement your plans with conviction and care?

Combat Initiative Fatigue
We know that educators at every level are facing “initiative-fatigue” – the number of new initiatives and reform measures continues to sky rocket, while successful implementation remains a rarity.  How can you assure that the implementation of your plan will go smoothly and get the results that you are after?

Success Factors
Working with many school districts throughout the nation, we have found that successful implementation does not just happen when a good decision is made.  Strategic planning for implementation is as important as the time spent on choosing the path to go.  Districts that work hard to ensure that decisions are implemented properly share the same strategies and cultural characteristics.  

1.     The district has made an investment in selecting leaders with high capacity and continues to develop that capacity throughout the district.  Experience is no long the valuable teacher it once was. With rapid change experience can only take you so far.  
2.    It is understood that the collective power of the full staff is needed to improve student achievement.  Leadership is respected and developed at all levels – from student to superintendent.  
3.    Using common problem solving vocabulary and strategies throughout those levels helps make all stakeholders better understand the process that was used to determine the new path.  Decision-making processes need to be transparent to all – board members, parents, students, teachers and administrators to develop a climate of trust and cooperation.
4.     Transparent and logical conclusions reached using data and clear strategies should be used to develop a true commitment to implementation and solutions.  When faced with data and concise criteria, key stakeholders are more apt to lay the groundwork for successful implementation at their level.  
5.    Fostering the ability to anticipate potential problems and potential opportunities is a great way to increase success and minimize failure.  Anticipating the power and pitfall of your decisions is crucial to All staff members should be encouraged to share their point of view before implementation is attempted so that plans can be made for

When given the right tools and support, people are capable of great things.  Laying the groundwork for and building a collaborative workplace can be hard work, but the results are demonstrable and enduring.  Building capacity in school districts can be taught.

We can help!
TregoEd, experts in helping leaders make and implement great decisions, has developed new one day sessions that will allow leaders time to practice implementing their renowned strategic problem solving processes on applications that are relevant today.  
•    Implementing the common core-Preparing for change
•    Making and Recommending Tough Budget Decisions
•    Addressing Conflict Complexity and Difficult Conversations in Special Ed.
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