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Tuscaloosa Team Demonstrates Strategic Steps to Success

As we approach the end of the calendar year, schools are just getting started.  Many schools all over the US have lots of new and different” initiatives in the works.

Those initiatives may be focused on areas as widespread as achievement gaps, attendance, equity, safety, etc., but the basics of implementing a successful initiative remain the same:

  1. Work collaboratively to develop a cohesive coordinated plan.
  2. Use internal and external stakeholders to maximize resources.
  3. Implement the plan with proactive steps.

We worked recently with Tuscaloosa City School’s College and Career Readiness Team, led by Director Kelly Norstrom, to develop a comprehensive plan to prepare students for success beyond high school in an ever-evolving world.  Their commitment to follow the three basic steps outlined above helped them find solutions, resources and achieve excellent results.  They invited a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders including industry leaders, community leaders, counselors, administrators, parents, and students to be engaged in the process from start to finish.  By doing this, they were able to maximize the impact of the school system’s and surrounding community’s resources.  Following the above steps made them more cognizant of how they plan, who they plan with and how they communicate.

Based on the results of Tuscaloosa’s College and Career Readiness Initiative, they were awarded the Benjamin B. Tregoe Award for Strategic Leadership in Education. We congratulate them for the results that they achieved through their strategic efforts.  For more information on how the Tuscaloosa City Schools approached their challenge and their results read this Success Story.