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To See or Not To See: Charter Schools and Public Perception

Charter schools are powerful influences in contemporary education. They tend to enrage some constituencies as much as they are celebrated by others.
The notion of viewing education as a “consumable” which can be viewed, evaluated and either accepted or rejected in much the same way as a piece of fruit in the grocery store is startling to a nation reared on compulsory education delivered in  traditional formats with attendant traditional markers of success or failure layered onto the classroom experience.
Charter schools, built upon philosophies of teacher engagement and performance as a seminal factor in faculty composition (rather than tenure), need to embrace making their decisions visible, defensible and transparent to the supporting groups governing them as well as to their partnering chartering districts.
Charter schools, recognizing that parents have more than a casual interest in the structure and operation of their children’s schools, are embraced more fully when the decisions made that impact children are visible,defensible and transparent.
Charter schools, active competitors in the arena of declining tax dollar support, are better able to advance their individual uniqueness and capabilities when the operating paradigm they employ is visible, defensible and transparent
Recognize, if you will, that one of the secrets to living successfully is not being obsessed with (metaphorically) toting the biggest gun into combat. Embracing this concept is a simple, but potent, approach to problem solving.
Instead of worrying about your charter school’s “firepower”, concentrating on finding ways to disarm your opponents, can facilitate success sliding more easily into your outstretched and waiting arms!  After all, it is much easier to extend the arms for a welcoming embrace when they are unburdened by artillery!
TregoEd offers specialized training for charter schools and their leadership teams, parent groups, boards of directors and faculties in order to assist them with determining the most efficient and effective methods for problem analysis and collaborative decision making…AKA problem identification and resolution.
Each of our training opportunities works toward insuring that charter schools’ decision are, indeed, examples of the “trinity” of good decision making and good public relations: decisions that are visible to everyone, transparent to all involved and defensible by the decision makers themselves.
Please contact us in order to have our charter school specialist help you move your school to its next…and best…level of achievement!