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Training vs Education

We don’t train – we educate!


How often have you been told you get to ‘go to a training program’?  And, in your mind, is this a part of something holistic or is it an event?  The longer I work with organizations the more I get to realize that training is just training – but, educating is truly what can make a difference.

When you think about educating, you think about what the value is and what a difference it will make in how you do your work.  When you are offered the chance to attend a work session, think about what this will mean in your own work.  How will I take what I learn and make it a part of my job?  How will I internalize what I have been a part of and make it part of my every day?  And, most importantly, how will what I have learned change the results I will achieve? 

That is what true education is all about.  As you think about the sessions you have attended in the past, or the session(s) you will attend, how will you capitalize on your learning?  How will you make a difference in the job you do, the role you play and how you accomplish your job duties?  Think about that the next time you are privileged to attend ‘training’.  You will know the incredible difference and know that education makes the difference!