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Welcome to our Network for Educational Leaders

School and district leaders often face tough choices that have no clear-cut solutions. Education leaders must figure out how to: do more with less funding, turn around low-performing schools, implement multiple initiatives, and raise student achievement. How these and other challenges are addressed can have a significant impact on students, teachers, and the community. But as difficult as it can be to make good decisions, the success or failure of a decision is often determined by the quality of its implementation.

Through a proven combination of high-quality skill development, targeted consulting, and structured support, TregoED prepares school and district leaders to confidently face their biggest challenges.  It is our hope that this network will provide a place for school and district leaders to discuss challenges, share solutions and leverage opportunities.

Start a group for your cadre, invite your colleagues, ask questions or begin a discussion, lend your professional expertise, and share your successes!