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Recorded Webinar: Transitioning to the Next Normal Part 2: Decision Making

How will you approach complex decisions as we move into the next school year?

What strategic decisions do you need to make?

How can you develop defensible decisions to address the “next normal?”

Planning the next steps forward for schools will involve many high impact, conflict-laden decisions in multiple areas.
• How do we make those decisions with confidence and clarity?
• How do we include stakeholders in a meaningful way?
• What decisions need to be made first?
• What are the risks with substantial change?
In this webinar, we will provide key elements of decision making for district and school leaders as they prepare for the next phase. These strategies will introduce a collaborative, structured approach useful for decisions around budget, staffing, program models, mental health support, transportation, food service, etc.


Recorded Webinar

Transitioning to the Next Normal Part 2: Collaborative Decision Making Webinar PDF