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3 Simple Reflection Questions for Continuous Improvement


Asking questions ensures continuous improvement in education

End with the Beginning in Mind

–As we close out the year, we tend to focus on what lies ahead – the holidays, plans for a new year, whatever it is that’s coming around the corner. But do we remember to reflect on our original goals?   New Year’s resolutions are famous for being broken and forgotten. Do we even remember last year’s resolutions – let alone reflect on what we did and did not achieve? Or do we just forge ahead and make new resolutions?  Do we do the same for objectives and goals we have set in other arenas?  Using what you learn from last years challenges can ensure that you continue on the path of continuous improvement.

3 Key Reflection Questions

It is easy to get caught up it in the holiday and “end of the year” rush.  Many of us just want to close out this year (or project or meeting) and move forward.   If so, we run the risk of repeating the mistakes of the unexamined effort.  When we come to the end of some project or thing that matters, let’s think back to its beginning.  Consider what we had hoped to achieve and ask:

  • How well did it go?
  • What can we learn from its successes and challenges?
  • What would we do differently next time?

These 3 simple questions set us up for more success in whatever we do next – and prevent us from repeating mistakes – in the year or project or whatever lies ahead. What questions do you ask?

Summary of 3 Reflection questions for continuous improvment

As you close out the year, we hope you are able to look back and feel some pride in your accomplishments, confidence in what was learned, and the passion to do even better next time.

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