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Top Blogs for Ed Leaders 2019

Our blogs are one way that we can share our experience in education and leadership and the great work that is being done districts by forward-thinking school leaders.  Check out our most read blogs of 2019:

Initiative Overload:  Part 1 Can You Really Do It All?

There is no shortage of worthwhile initiatives out there, but how many are too many?  How do you determine which ones deserve the investment of limited time and money?  Having a cohesive vision, overarching goals and a compelling why that ties them all together, can help you avoid the risk of disjointed initiative overload.  Read more

Smaller Meetings Bigger Hotseats

Leaders often face big “hot seat” meetings- lots of participants, opinions, issues and controversy.  Having a standard process can ensure that people are heard, information process and suitable actions taken.  This same process is just as important in those smaller meetings such as IEP meetings or conferences where issues can be emotionally charged on a much more personal level.  Read more

Guide to Data based Decision Making in Special Education

Special Education Departments face many big, costly decisions, which are further complicated by competing perspectives, lack of information (or information overload), legal and budget constraints, etc.  What could go wrong?  (And how to avoid it!) Read more

A Tale of Two Meetings

Is there any doubt that a leader influences the culture of a district, department, school, or other group?  How you run your meetings is a direct reflection of the culture that you are nurturing.   Tangible practices for positive practices.  Read more

In Results We Trust

While we may have seemingly “fearless leaders” at work, tough challenges can bring out the fear in most of us.  Rather than deny it, perhaps we should embrace it. Admitting fear or uncertainty may provide an opportunity for connection and trust-building. Read more

High Performance Teams

Special education departments, like many others, often start the year off with team building exercises –forging a strong foundation through personal relationships to move a group of people from individuals toward a cohesive working unit committed to a common purpose.  How can a department (or Child Study Team) build on this foundation to become what is considered a “high performance team” – a team that is highly collaborative and innovative, and empowered to handle most of the issues that arise? Read more