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Webinar: Transitioning to the “Next Normal”-When Students Return

How do you approach your next set of challenges?

What strategic questions do you need to ask?

How can you develop a comprehensive action plan to address the “next normal?”

There is nothing that has been normal about the past few weeks and the challenges this pandemic has presented to schools. It has and continues to challenge every aspect of being a school leader. But one thing we can be sure of, is that we all will soon be facing the challenge of the return to a “next normal.” And the “new normal” presents a multitude of complex issues and decisions that need to be addressed.

In this session, we will provide strategies for district administration, school leaders and teachers to identify, organize and initiate planning for the many complex issues facing schools as they prepare for the return of students. These strategies will help participants use a collaborative, structured approach as they consider issues such as equity around achievement, staffing, curriculum and assessment, mental health issues of students and staff, communication, safety/hygiene protocols, building preparedness, etc.


Slides:  PDF of Transitioning to the Next Normal -When Students Return – ppt slides  

SCAN Template:  Situation Appraisal Worksheet